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diary info on the project

[January to June 2008]

Manufacturing - Festival of art and digital culture, Torino, Italy

Manufacturing Intelligence panel: Remanufacturing intelligence - Gordana's talk
http://www.toshare.it/eng/about/conferences Gordana presents "Fugue and the concept of neuroplastic art" Share Festival 2008 http://www.toshare.it/eng/

University College London Lunch Hour Lecture: "Tesla and the Art of Fugue"
Gordana's brief introduction into art and science, Tesla and the Fugue project.
Stream from http://www.ucl.ac.uk/lhl/streamed

Tesla, The Art of Fugue, and Audiovisualisation

Gordana’s presentation at the vizNET 2008 Loughborough, organised by the UK Visualization Support Network, vizNET and 3DVisA

[July to December 2007]

MutaMorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences
Prague, Czech Republic
International Conference organised by CIANT as part of the e n t e r 3 (enter3.org) festival in the framework of the Leonardo 40th anniversary celebrations. The festival will feature also the first retrospective exhibition of Frank J. Malina. Gordana will deliver her talk Metropolis: an Extreme and Hostile Environment based on the Fugue project
abstract: http://www.mutamorphosis.org/index.php?lang=en&node=120&catid=108&id=45 http://www.mutamorphosis.org/

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2007
Budapest, Hungary

Fugue documentary screening will be presented by Gordana at the poster session

CITRIS in Europe Research Symposium

Symposium and workshops at University College London and at Imperial College Fugue will be presented by Gordana at "The Intersection of Art and Technology " workshop (Imperial College)

[January to June 2007]

Presentation at Queensland University of Technology

A Lecture / presentation on aspects of the Fugue sound system was given to Production and Computational Arts students in the School of Creative Industries, QUT Australia.

[July to December 2006]

CEP 2006: Exploring the Boundaries of Experience and Self

The series of presentations at scientific conferences continues. Fugue will be exhibited at CEP 2006: Exploring the Boundaries of Experience and Self, the 10th annual conference of the British Psychological Society Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section, St. Anne's College, Oxford.

Nature Inspired Creative Design - Exhibition and Talks

Designing for the 21st Century - AHRC/EPSRC funded network

50th Anniversary Summit of Artificial Intelligence, Monte Verita, Switzerland


Fugue installation in the ULUS (Associaton of Fine Arts of Serbia)


[January to June 2006]

Computational Models of Creativity in the Arts, DANA Centre


Fusion 06, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada


Tesla Interest Group Launch

Tesla, the newly established research interest group for art and science at the Department of Computer Science at UCL was launched.

'Roof Garden Fugue' screening at University College London
Fugue is currently being screened at the Roof Garden Terrace at University College London. This is in participation with the node.London network event.

Newly established Research Interest Group for Art and Science at the Department of Computer Science at UCL

[July to December 2005]

Transversality: Crossing Disciplines, Cultures and Identities

The University of Reading, Reading, UK

New Forms Festival 05

Vancouver, Canada
The second Fugue prototype, which fully integrates the sound elements into AIS mediated visual modules, was first presented and exhibited at NewForms05: Ecologies festival and conference, Vancouver, September 2005. http://www.newformsfestival.com/

Exhibition NFF 2005

Ecologies: Conversing with Gaia
Curated by Dinka Pignon, Daina Warren and Aleksandra Dulic.
Rees Archibald, Mark Brady, Ursula Damm, Layda Gongora, James K-M & Carol Sill, Luke Lamborn, Mantissa, Novakovic/Linz/Bentley.

Conference NFF 2005
Eco Systems: Negotiating Natural, Cultural and Technological Systems in a Post-Traditional Ecology
Museum of Anthropology UBC

Keynotes: Carol Gigliotti, Stephen Loft, David Vogt, Loretta Todd (panel chair) Presenters include: Ahasiw Maskegon- Iskwew, John Oswald, Narendra Pachkhede, Simon Levin, Skawenati Tricia Fragnito, Timothy Weaver, Kevin Hamilton, Brewster Kneen, Gordana Novakovic, EldonYellowhorn, Michael Marker, Peter Morin, Julie Andreyev.
  In addition, we are pleased that Fugue project and Gordana's residency at the Department got full support and most recently initiated establishing new Research Interest Group for Art and Science at the Department of Computer Science at UCL, that, with a bit of luck might provide a new ground and potential for some further contributions to the field of art and science collaborations.

4th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems

Banff , Alberta , Canada

[January to June 2005]

Hypermedia Research Centre

Fugue prototype presented at the Hypermedia Research Centre , University of Westminster , London .

EVA Conference

Fugue prototype presented at the EVA Conference (Electronic Imaging & the
Visual Arts)
, UCL, London .

Smartlab Seminar
Fugue prototype presented at the Smartlab Seminar , Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London .

Creative Evolution Conference

Fugue prototype presented at the Creative Evolution Conference , Goldsmith's College, London .

GAGE Festival
Fugue prototype presented at the Gage Festival hosted by Hull Time Based Arts, Hull .

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